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couple managing their finances

Tips to Overcome a Financial Crisis in Business

No businessperson is immune to the financial crisis. In fact, it’s an inevitable part of doing business. The key to overcoming a financial crisis in your business is understanding where it came from and taking steps to prevent it from happening again.

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Types of Trusts for Business Organizations

Starting a business and sustaining it for years is no easy feat. You would ordinarily want to pass the business to your heirs. There are different situations that might, however, see you lose your businesses and personal assets. Setting your

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Make It Final: How to End a Marriage

In the beginning, there are roses and sunshine. Most relationships start with starry hopes for a bright future. Sadly, not all relationships or marriages last very long. When both players decide that staying in the relationship is no longer an

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Distracted driving signage

Distracted driving is hard to prove

People are often devastated when they or their loved ones are involved in a vehicular accident. It’s even more devastating for the families of crash victims when the driver who caused the accident had been inattentive while behind the wheels.

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colleagues talking

When Should You Consider Employment Mediation?

There are certain times that any company can enter into a dispute with its own employees. Factors such as pay, promotion, work environment, or office culture are all potential causes of disputes, and while there are general rules and guidelines

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