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Divorce Mediation Process

The Reasons to Mediate Your Divorce

Divorce often triggers happy feelings among separating couples who seem excited to be out of the tiring relationship, while others feel bitter and betrayed. Regardless of the reasons underlying a divorce, there is no call to drag the process. A divorce

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Misdemeanor Conviction Case in Springfield IL

How a Misdemeanor Conviction Affects Your Future

Everyone dreads having a felony conviction on their record. Apart from the fines and jail time, the long term consequences of being found guilty are devastating. You lose employment opportunities, cannot practice certain professions, and suffer many other burdens. Indeed,

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Why Hiring a DUI Lawyer is a Good Idea

Arrested for drunk driving? The penalties for drinking and driving include the loss of driving privileges, fines, and a possible jail term. Here are five good reasons you should hire a DUI attorney to represent you in a DUI case.

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Ways to Advance Your Paralegal Career

After being recognized for being a hugely helpful profession in all aspects of legal work, whether it is in motion drafting, pleading writing, research, and other supporting tasks, the paralegal career is gaining popularity, with demand in the United States

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Divorce Discreetly: Is Mediation for You?

Divorce is never easy. And sometimes, it is necessary. But if a couple is decided to go their separate ways and don’t want all the drama attendant to most divorces, there is an alternative. The outcome is still divorce, where

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Child Support

When Do Child Support Payments End?

A common misconception that majority of people believe is that child support payments automatically stop when a child reaches 18 years old. However, child support laws are different from state to state, such that ending support and graduation don’t necessarily

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International Tax

Things to Remember when Dealing with International Tax

Multinational companies and large scale investors see opportunities not just in their base countries, but also in the world market. After all, all corners of the globe patronize a particularly exceptional product or service. However, before pushing for global expansion,

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