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Battery Laws in Illinois

Battery: What the Law in Illinois States

According to the Illinois Compiled Statutes, the crime of battery occurs if an individual insults or provokes contact, or caused bodily harm to another individual. This basically means that even if the alleged offender never actually touched the alleged victim,

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Why Paralegals are Invaluable in Divorce Cases?

It’s not uncommon for paralegals to play big roles in divorce cases these days. Individuals need bona fide lawyers for this legal process, but they’d see the face of their attorney’s family law paralegal more often for certain matters. Some

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Is Your Wife Abusing You?

Having rough patches, resentments, and other issues with your marriage is normal. Sometimes, the lack of these negative incidents and feelings may even be an indication of a bad, dysfunctional marriage. But what if you’re being abused and your marriage is now

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Who Gets What in Divorce?

Property division in divorce, especially between disagreeing couples, can get dramatic. When both spouses want to possess same item or property, they are expected to fight for it and not let the other party win the battle. Absolute 50-50 distribution

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