Calculated Risk

man handing out a house key

Buying a Home in the UK: Making It Simple

Buying a home can be stressful mentally and financially. There are hidden costs as well, especially when you consider the deposit, solicitor’s fees, surveyor’s fees, and your conveyancing fees for buying or selling a property. For many, the whole process

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Landlord Rights: Four Reasons Behind Tenant Eviction

Eviction notices are stressful. Landlords, however, have the right to send them and kick stubborn tenants out. In this article, know the four major reasons behind tenant eviction. Table of Contents Non-PaymentPersistent Late PaymentContract BreachesTenant Move-InUnauthorised PetsRefusal to Pay Rent

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Bankruptcy in Arkansas

What Not to Do When Filing for Bakruptcy

When entering any kind of business, you should be ready for the possibility of going bankrupt. No investment is completely certain, especially opening a startup business. No matter how successful you think you can be, there’s still a chance that

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