Calculated Risk

divorce settlement handled by lawyer

Legal Models of Divorce Mediation

You might not start your marriage rooting for a divorce. Unfortunately, some irreconcilable differences might see you taking this route. When people hear of separation, they envision mudslinging and name calling in courtrooms. These are designed to paint a soon-to-be

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Couple buying a property

A Guide for Property Buyers

Real estate is serious business, especially since land is not a renewable resource. Most sellers would want to make the most money in every transaction, while the buyers want the best price for their purchase. The legal system seeks to

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Laywer with scales

What Are The Different Kinds Of Lawyers?

Everyone knows that getting lawyers involved is a sure sign that things have gotten serious — but there’s merit in involving the specific kind of lawyer, not just anyone. Like medical professionals and teachers, lawyers also have different fields of

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