German Shepherd dog being trained

After a Dog Attack: Prepare to File a Claim

Dogs are man’s best friends. However, no matter how much people love them, they may still attack after being provoked or while trying to defend their territory. Ignoring dangerous dog warning signs can also lead to them turning vicious. Below

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Class Action Mediation: The Overview and Experience

You well know how that cases that require class action mediations present high degrees of difficulty. The complexity of their technical nature arises from a large number of underlying legal cases and claimants. The discovery and claims processes add to that, as do

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How to Expunge Criminal Record in New York

Having a criminal record is not good. Even if you only committed a minor offense, such as shoplifting, you have a permanent black mark on your public record. This can affect your chances of finding a job, getting a loan,

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Alimony: Things You Need to Know About Spousal Support

Spousal support, along with other legal family matters, can be peacefully settled by both parties. However, significant issues like this usually need professional help by a compassionate lawyer who considers the best interest of both parties and the family. According

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DUI Laws for Commercial Drivers in Illinois

The law generally holds drivers of commercial vehicles to a higher standard than drivers of non-commercial vehicles. The main reason being is that commercial drivers are required to drive bigger vehicles, for long distances in extended periods of time, usually

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