police car

Criminal law – a brief introduction

Of all the lawyers, a criminal solicitor is perhaps the busiest of them all. Crimes happen on a daily basis. The news and social media are full of stories daily of crimes being committed. The crimes being committed vary from

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Divorce Mediation Process

Different types of separation explained

Relationship breakdown is never easy. Despite common images in the media, most couples simply want to split amicably and fairly, even though emotions might be running high. In order to help them do this, many choose to engage the services

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a couple buying a house

Home Buying Explained

As with anyone about to embark on a new adventure, the first-time buyer will usually be a mixture of excited and nervous. Buying a home is by far and away the biggest purchase most people will make, so a few

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someone driving

Night Factors that Increase Risk of a Driving Accident

The risk of a car accident increases at night because drivers experience reduced visibility and fatigue. Auto accident law firms can represent those involved to help determine compensation and ensure their rights are protected. Table of Contents Reduced VisibilityRush HourFatigueImpaired

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