Ellen Vincent


Make It Final: How to End a Marriage

In the beginning, there are roses and sunshine. Most relationships start with starry hopes for a bright future. Sadly, not all relationships or marriages last very long. When both players decide that staying in the relationship is no longer an

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Laywer with scales

What Are The Different Kinds Of Lawyers?

Everyone knows that getting lawyers involved is a sure sign that things have gotten serious — but there’s merit in involving the specific kind of lawyer, not just anyone. Like medical professionals and teachers, lawyers also have different fields of

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Distracted driving signage

Distracted driving is hard to prove

People are often devastated when they or their loved ones are involved in a vehicular accident. It’s even more devastating for the families of crash victims when the driver who caused the accident had been inattentive while behind the wheels.

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colleagues talking

When Should You Consider Employment Mediation?

There are certain times that any company can enter into a dispute with its own employees. Factors such as pay, promotion, work environment, or office culture are all potential causes of disputes, and while there are general rules and guidelines

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