Four Classifications of Crime According to Criminal Law

Law concept shotLaw concept shotThe word crime traces its origins to the Latin word “crimin” and its variation “crimen,” which translates to “accusation” or “misdeed,” according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Further dissected, the word is believed to be derived from the verb “cernere.” The first half of the word consists of the variant “cri-” which means “to decide, sift or distinguish,” while the second half consists of the suffix “-men, which is linked to the end of words to transform them into a noun.

After examining its etymology, you now have an idea of what “crime” means. Crime is a deliberate offense that a person, whether coerced or not, commits. It will be one of the first concepts your instructor will discuss to you once you begin your criminal investigator training. Understanding the origins and the nature of crime is central to your success in solving one.

Arson, larceny, rape, fraud, terrorism — these are just some of the words that you have probably heard before that are associated with the word crime. There are many forms of crime, however. They are divided into four major classifications:


As its name suggests, personal crimes are crimes committed against a person, which affects them either physically or psychologically. Rape, assault, and murder are examples of personal crimes. Robbery, which is also categorized as a crime against property, is also considered a personal crime in that it causes physical and emotional distress to the victim.


Property crimes are offenses committed against property. Ownership of property, whether a car or savings, is one of the basic rights of a person, and preventing someone from enjoying that liberty through unlawful ways merits punishment. Fraud, forgery, theft, and robbery are categorized under crimes against property.


Inchoate offenses are crimes committed to fulfill another crime. Conspiracy, attempt (i.e., to commit manslaughter, robbery, etc.) and bribery are types of inchoate offenses.


Statutory crimes, as it sounds, are crimes committed against the government as well as the laws passed by its legislative body. Insider trading, statutory rape, drug trafficking, and drunk driving are classified as statutory crimes.

Cerebral Palsy: 3 Things to Remember When Filing a Compensation Claim

Law FirmsLearning your child was born with cerebral palsy is a hard pill to swallow. Apart from the host of other serious medical problems it may cause, your little one would have to live with this condition forever. As if this is not enough, your child may even suffer from social alienation.

According to statistics, nearly half of all birth injury cases, including cerebral palsy, could have been avoided if not for medical negligence. If your healthcare provider properly identified and planned for obstetrical risk factors, your child may have a brighter a future.

By all means, you have the right to receive just compensation for the pain it has caused to your family, Tyrone Law Firm says. Money may not change anything, but at least the needs your child may require throughout his or her life would be covered

If you are planning to file a compensation claim, take note of these things:

Establish Patient-Physician Relationship

Before your claim can be considered valid, you must clearly establish the patient-physician relationship. In other words, there must be evidence of any agreement between you and your doctor to look after you before and during pregnancy.

Any experienced birth injury lawyer in Atlanta, Montgomery, Milwaukee, and other cities where cerebral palsy is common would tell you that establishing this kind of relationship could be tricky. Other than the medical practitioner that delivered your baby, filing a case against the doctor that did not provide you care during pregnancy on a regular basis may be weak.

Waste No Time

You must file your claim as soon as possible. States have different statute of limitations for medical negligence–related cerebral palsy cases, which means you only have a small window of time to file a valid lawsuit.

The moment you learn about your child’s motor disability condition, you must consult a qualified lawyer immediately.

Worry About Legal Fees Later

Many attorneys offer a contingency-based fee, which means spares you from paying upfront. Instead, your lawyer receives a portion of your overall compensation if you win the case. The amount of legal fees vary on every attorney, but it is normally anywhere between 20% and 40%.

What happened, happened; but the guilty party nonetheless should be held accountable for the medical negligence. With legal advice, you can mount a strong case to bring justice for your child.

Writing Your Paralegal Resume Right

Paralegal ResumeAfter finishing your extensive paralegal training, your key to getting an interview is a complete resume. It has to be expressive and impressive, strongly reflecting and selling your positive qualities. As one of many applicants, this is your only way to capture the interest of your prospective employer at first sight.

To write a good resume, here are the sections you must cover:

Basic Details

Your general information should definitely come first. Just like any resume, your name, address, and contact details must be at the top.

As you would be a part of the legal industry, you cannot get fancy with your style. Be sensitive with your typography to make your resume look formal, presentable, and legible.

Career Objective

It refers to your professional goals, letting your prospective employers know your very reason for applying. Be specific in the area of law you are interested in, and limit it to a single sentence.

Educational Background

As a fresh graduate with no real-world work experience, your academic history is the chief section of your resume. The level of education you attained and paralegal training make up for your lack of professional background in legal workplaces.

It’s a great opportunity to highlight your notable achievements as a student, along with the stature of your training center. Many applicants leverage on the sought-after, highly esteemed paralegal centers in America.


Write down all of your duties and responsibilities as an intern — from smallest to biggest. Also, indicate the organization you served if you participated in an Academic Learning Service program. Every ounce of experience that could improve your chances on getting the nod from employers counts.

Special Skills

Mention any unique ability you feel relevant to the position you are applying for. Are you well versed with basic computer applications? Are you familiar with the popular research tools? Are you proficient in foreign languages? Just think of anything you can do that others can’t to give you some edge over other applicants.

A well-constructed resume catches the eyes of the employers and gives you a positive first impression. Take time to polish it, make it free of error, narrow it to one page, and be invited for an interview in no time.