Smart Parenting: Teaching Your Teens to Become Responsible Drivers

Teenagers drinking while driving

As parents, it is only advisable to teach your teenagers to be responsible drivers. It’s not enough that they have certain driving skills. What’s more important is to practice basic safety once they’re on the steering wheel.

Teenage Drivers are More Prone to Accidents and Car Crash

According to statistics from the U.S. Department of Transportation, the fatal crash rate for 16-19 years-olds is about three to four times higher than drivers aged 20 and above. Drunk driving, distraction from mobile phones, and reckless driving are just some of the main reasons for these accidents.

So, before handing them the car keys, be sure to discuss the following important reminders:

Zero Tolerance for No Seat Belts

Oblige them to wear their seatbelts at all times. You can win this argument by throwing some figures. Let them know that wearing seatbelts can reduce the risk of any fatal injury by 45%. In addition, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that wearing seatbelts has saved around 300,000 lives since 1975.

Emphasize the Bigger Picture

One of the most important things teenage drivers should know is to keep their composure while on the road. They should also have presence of mind in case of emergency. The problem with new drivers is they tend to panic in case something bad happens. Feldman & Lee PS recommends having the phone numbers of an auto accident lawyer in Lynwood.

Encourage Discussion

Start engaging with your teenagers even if they’re just the passengers. Set a good example and give them pointers while you’re driving. You can also ask them some questions or feedback regarding the decisions you’re making during the ride. This will help you gauge their learning process.

Put Everything in Paper

Establishing household rules is now a thing for many families. Give them specifics on penalties for any violation. This will help them correct their mistakes and become more responsible drivers.

While experience is probably the best teacher, it’s always better to give them proper guidance before you let them take the car keys.

3 Benefits of Hiring Rent Recovery Professionals

Estate Planning Service

Renting out spaces, properties and homes for residential or commercial purposes can mean big business for you. One of the biggest challenges you will face, however, is when someone decides not to pay rent on time.

For many people, a recalcitrant renter is a great challenge because they can be hesitant to be confrontational. Fortunately, rent recovery teams are available to help you. Here are the biggest benefits of hiring a one.

It is legal.

The first big advantage is that everything is legal and on the level. That is critical to being on the right side of the law should your tenant take things to the next level.

Those in this line of business are well-versed in what they can and cannot do when it comes to executing their line of work. It allows them to bank on what’s allowable within the law and ensure that your interests are well protected, and your needs met.

It is secure.

Among the options on offer for effective rent recovery, hiring a professional team can be highly dependable.

The reason behind this is that they are also trained and highly experienced in a range of situations that they could face in their jobs. This includes protecting the property and your interests should a tenant be particularly difficult.

It is dependable.

Finally, you should also hire a professional team because it really is dependable and has a higher chance of success over your going through the whole thing yourself. After all, these teams pride themselves on high success rates.

You can bank and trust on this success to being able to reclaim what is duly yours. Again, there is also the legality to consider where you want the same kind of protection that they can offer.

Do not be caught without a plan when a tenant does not pay. Hire a professional team to reclaim the payment that is yours.

3 Personalities That Make a Great New York Lawyer

A lawyer in his officeThe New York State Bar Association has about 72,000 members with about 66 percent male and 33 percent female. If you are looking for lawyers in New York, here are some of the qualities that you should be looking for.

1. Great Communication Skills

Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, is one of the top prerequisites of being a lawyer. One should be able to communicate himself or herself efficiently. Good lawyers should also have exceptional public speaking skills. If you’re meeting a lawyer for the first time, focus on his or her communication skills. A capable lawyer should be able to express himself clearly and persuasively.

2.  Effective People Skills

If you think that being a lawyer is simply about learning about the law and how to use them, you’re wrong. It’s mostly about dealing with people and how the law can affect people’s lives. This is why an effective lawyer must have good people skills. Excellent New York lawyers like Marc J. Bern & Partners will be able to read other people, gauging their reactions. Persuasiveness also allows a lawyer to negotiate better.

3. Attention to Detail

Having an eagle eye for details is one of the top skills a lawyer should have. This could mean the difference between life and death to some. One small mistake can make or break the life of one person or an entire family. So look for a lawyer who pays great attention to details.

Hiring Lawyers

Take your time in looking for a lawyer. Remember, you need to have a legal partner whom you can trust. It won’t be easy, so do your research and ask for referrals to start your search. You can also search online for the top lawyers in New York City if you don’t want to ask your friends and family for referrals.

Your Divorce Lawyer is Not Your Therapist

Divorce cracked paperDivorce is both heartbreaking and stressful. Emotions also tend to run high at this point, which can affect the outcome. Bottling up those feelings, however, is never advisable, as it could add more stress and affect your mental health.

Divorce lawyers in Albuquerque note that you can benefit from great support system at this time. It is a good idea to talk to friends and family members or consult a licensed therapist. The latter can help you navigate through negative emotions by allowing you to talk about problems or any other issue you feel uncomfortable discussing with friends and family.

Why Detachment Matters

It is never a good idea to skip hiring a therapist and consider your lawyer as one. While your attorney cares about your situation, detachment is still necessary to ensure that they can do their job properly. The primary goals of having an attorney are to help you with the legal process and protect your rights. Their service doesn’t include giving advice about life choices or being a shoulder to cry on.

Get the Right Emotional Support

Calling your lawyer every day or most of the time is also not advisable. This is especially true if you want to chat or get emotional support. Note that your lawyer is running a business, and you may sometimes end up paying for those calls. Your extra money could be better spent by hiring a therapist who can help you deal with stress and frustrations.

What to Expect from Lawyers

It is important to be realistic and understand what you can expect and not expect from your divorce attorney. A reliable one offers responsiveness and professionalism that will help you move on with the process smoothly. You can ask questions and get organized. It is also a good idea to be prepared in meetings and take some notes. This can make your appointment productive and avoid extra costs.

Don’t complicate the whole divorce process by relying on your lawyer too much. Listen to their legal advice and hire a therapist so you can stay emotionally stable during the process.

The Seat Belt and Other Ways to Survive a Car Crash

Filing a Lawsuit in SpringfieldA strap or belt woven from about 300 warp strands of polyester can protect you from injuries during a car crash. Most people often neglect this simple yet life-saving feature; so often that the CDC reports 53% to 59% of teens and adults in fatal car crashes were unrestrained at the time of the incident. And every year, millions still fail to wear their seatbelts.

Seat Belts Save Lives

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveals that seatbelts protect 15,000 people from injuries in car crashes every year. The strap not only keeps you from hurtling outside your vehicle after a strong impact.

But it could also restrain your hips and shoulders, keeping you from serious injuries. It can also protect your spinal cord and brain, preventing further damage to your body.

Drive Carefully — Not Just Sober

Buckling up is half the battle to safety on the road. The next step is to drive carefully. You may also ensure safer driving with one of the safest cars around. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety declared five models that are safe in the event you get into a car crash.

You should also keep your eyes on the road at all times. This may sound like a simple thing to do, but with mobile devices distracting your time on the road, you can look away long enough to get into a fender bender, at the least.

Try to Stay in Control

You may still be at risk even after all your efforts to remain safe on the road. You can’t control how other people drive, and other hazards may occur along the way, such as a truck leaking oil, or an obstruction on the highway.

It helps to remain calm, and to keep your wits about you when an accident occurs. You need to try because what you do after the crash could help your car accident lawyer build a strong case against the other party.

If you’re able to move, and the emergency services haven’t arrived, get out of danger. Help others if you can to prevent further injuries. Call the police. Get medical attention. And file a report to establish liability and give a fresh account of the incident. These things will provide substantial data for your lawyer to use in filing a lawsuit.

Another helpful step is to take a video of the scene. The video could help police officers investigate the scene, and determine who is at fault. It could prove useful during litigation.

Preventing Accidents

Car accidents have a lasting impact. You could end up with a debilitating injury, and be out of work for a time. Or you could incur a lifelong disability, forever changing your life. The damage to your car is the least of your worries after an accident.

So it’s important to practice safety whenever you get behind the wheel. Wear your seat belt, and make sure your kids and other passengers buckle up, too. Keep your eyes on the road, and practice defensive driving. And keep your wits about you should an accident occur.

The 4 Things You Need to Do When Turning Yourself In for A Warrant in Raleigh

Hiring a Lawyerr

Hiring a LawyerrHow do you handle a situation that will land you in jail? Your reaction will determine what occurs during and after a Raleigh court issues a warrant for your arrest. To avoid further tussles with the law and ruin your future, it’s best to turn yourself in.

Here are the four crucial steps you need to take to minimize the impact of an arrest.

Take control and hire a lawyer

Before you drive to the county jail and officially turn yourself in, you need to get proper representation. A good defense lawyer will determine the charges against you, severity of the case, and penalties involved. After getting the relevant details, your lawyer can then negotiate your detention and case with the district attorney.

It’s important to hire a lawyer before you go into custody. Getting a lawyer before your incarceration could reduce the time you spend in lock up. Your defense lawyer can also argue in court that the specifics of your case don’t require time in jail. For example, the warrant is for “failure to appear in court.” Your lawyer can get it struck, which saves you from jail time and bond payment.

If the warrant stands, your defense lawyer can get a lower amount of bond. The amount, according to, will depend on your financial ability, criminal record, the severity of the alleged defense, and strength of evidence.

Your attorney could also put your family or friends in touch with reliable companies providing bail bonds in Raleigh, NC.

The Right TimingTurn yourself in on the ideal days

Never turn yourself in on a Monday or Friday. On Mondays, authorities have to process a backlog of arrests that took place over the weekend. On Fridays, the courts might not have enough time to see you before the weekend, which means you stay in custody. It’s best to turn yourself in on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday — bright and early.

Exercise your right to “remain silent”

You’ve heard the Miranda rights repeatedly on TV or in the movies. Now it’s time to exercise what you’ve heard, and not say anything because “it can and will be used against you in court.” Anything you “blurt out” or say in passing while you’re being processed can be interpreted in a negative way.

Wait for your lawyer to show up before you answer any question. Your lawyer’s guidance can prevent you from saying the wrong things, which will weaken your case.

Bring only what’s necessary

County jails will confiscate cigarettes, pocket knives, and other contraband. You may also want to leave your mobile phone at home. Bring only your identification and prescription medicines. If you have a condition requiring medical equipment, ask your lawyer about policies at the county jail.

Whether the warrant is for a DWI or failure to appear in court, following the right steps can minimize the impact of an arrest. Get a lawyer who knows how to reduce the required bail, turn yourself in on the right days, exercise your right to remain silent, and bring only the essentials.

New York Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury Cases

Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury LawyerFollowing an injury or accident in the state of New York, you’re probably wondering about the specific state statutes that could have an impact in your case. Below is some basic information regarding the statute of limitations that could come into play in the event that you’re planning to take legal action following your injury, whether through filing a lawsuit for personal injury or insurance settlement.

What Exactly is a Statute of Limitations?

Each state has their own time restrictions, which is basically the specific time limit an individual has to file a lawsuit with the civil court of the state after the individual has sustained some type of injury or harm. This is commonly referred to as the statute of limitations, with the deadline for filing being dependent on the particular type of case an individual wishes to file. In the Big Apple, the laws on personal injury cases provide a plaintiff exactly three years from the injury’s date to file a personal injury lawsuit against the liable party or parties for the accident or injury.

You might be wondering why is this statute so crucial. Essentially, if a plaintiff does not file a case with the court prior to the closing of this three-year window, the courts in New York will most likely decline to hear the case, which means that all potential compensation will likewise be lost, says a personal injury attorney in New York. In addition, if a plaintiff files a personal injury lawsuit after the deadline determined by New York personal injury laws has passed, the court will instantly dismiss the case, except when specific conditions enable the extension or tolling of the predetermined deadline.

More Crucial Things to Keep in Mind

In the event that you have been injured as a result of another individual’s wrongful or careless actions, it is best to get professional medical attention as soon as you possibly can. You should also thoroughly document your claims so that you have sufficient evidence to back them up should your case go to court. Remember, you only have a limited amount of time to sue those liable for your injuries so make the most of it.

The Deciding Factors of Child Custody

Child Custody Lawyer in Colorado SpringsThe common legal terms you will hear about child custody after divorce are legal and physical custody. However, Colorado courts refer to the former as decision-making responsibility and the latter as parenting time. The court has to make the decision for either one depending on the best interests of the children or child of a divorcing couple.

The Decision Making Process

Unless a child is mature enough to express a reasonable opinion, they cannot choose who to live with after their parent’s divorce. The judge will determine who the child will live with by considering different factors which include:

  1. The wants of the parents
  2. The ability of a child to adjust to the home, community, and school
  3. The overall health (physical and mental) of the child and parents; the court may rule a parent unfit to get parenting time because of a disability
  4. The distance of the homes of the parents
  5. The ability and willingness of a parent to create and nurture a loving relationship with their child
  6. Whether either parent has abused the child or has inflicted domestic violence.

These are some of the parameters that will factor in the decision-making process of a judge. With help from a child custody lawyer in Colorado Springs, you can determine whether or not you will get custody of your child.

Shared Parenting Time

Parents can divide and share parenting time equally based on what is best for their child and for them. This may mean that one parent will have their child for every first and third quarter of the year. The divorcing couple must set the times and get an approval from the court. If parents get shared custody of their child, the child support will depend on the income and expenses of the parents and the expenses of their children or child.

Divorce is never easy, especially if there are children involved. It can be messy, but it can also go smoothly, depending on how you compose yourself and with the help of an attorney.

3 Situations that Call for Help from a Divorce Lawyer

Divorce Lawyer in Denver

Divorce Lawyer in DenverGoing through a divorce is one of the most difficult situations you can experience in life. Nobody ends up being the winner, but sometimes, it’s the only thing you can do when your marriage falls apart. When this happens to you, it’s better to hire a credible divorce lawyer instead of simply representing yourself in court. This way, you can have legal advice and guidance on how to protect your rights. Here are some reasons you should hire a divorce lawyer.

Unfamiliarity with the Law

Most people don’t have adequate knowledge of matrimonial and family law that makes representing themselves almost impossible. Divorce Matters says you need a divorce attorney in Denver, Colorado by your side. The lawyer can brief you about the basics you need to know, guide you on how to present yourself in court and help you make a case to successfully get what you deserve out of the divorce.

Being Too Emotional

Being too emotional can be your downfall in court. Some people just give up fighting for their rights because of shame, guilt, or fear. Some hurt their cases because of a sudden emotional outburst during a hearing. When you are working with a lawyer, you will be guided accordingly about how you should dress, act, and speak in court. Maintaining a good image in court will give you credibility.

Not Having an Objective View

Because of the emotional stress of divorce, people may find it hard to have an objective point of view about their situation. Emotions of sadness, fear, rage, resignation, or confusion may take over, and that will be detrimental to your case. A divorce lawyer can keep a clear head and unbiased emotional state to provide you with objective advice that will prove to be essential to your case.

These are just some of the situations that will definitely make hiring a lawyer a must when you’re going through a divorce. This way, you can come out as a better person and fight for what you deserve.

The Questions You May Have About Paying Child Support

Child Support in Denver

Child Support in DenverGoing through a divorce is a difficult process especially if you have children together. If you are obligated by the court to pay child support, then you should be responsible enough to do it consistently and on time. If not, the other parent can sue you.

Here are some common questions people who are paying child support have and the correct answers for them.

Will child support payments stop if I have a new relationship?

The quick answer is no, it will not. However, you can file for a child support modification based on the change. You just need to prove that there is a relevant change in your financial circumstances by presenting valuable documents in court. A trial may still happen for the judge to decide whether it qualifies or not.

Can I be prohibited to leave the country?

You can still leave the country if you’re required to pay child support if you have an arranged payment plan before your scheduled departure. Otherwise, you may be prohibited to leave the country. That’s why you need to make sure the payments are in place before you leave. This is the only way to avoid any legal process coming from your ex.

What qualifies for me to dispute the child support amount I owe?

If you want to lessen the child support amount you owe, you need to prove that there is a drastic change in your financial condition. This may be a long process, so you must be sure that your case is strong. It’s better to consult first with a credible Denver family law attorney to check your case. If it is good, then the lawyer can give you great legal advice on how to win the dispute.

These are just some of the most common questions parents that pay child support have. It’s still best to get legal advice from experienced lawyers to be sure about your case.