Racketeering and the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Acts (RICO)

Simple handcuff in white backgroundRacketeering occurs when organized groups or crime rings operate rackets or illegal businesses or when they utilize legal organizations for embezzling funds. These acts are illegal because they could have catastrophic consequences for private and public institutions.

Common Examples of Rackets

In past decades, rackets usually dealt in evidently illegal industries including sex trafficking or prostitution, drug trafficking, counterfeiting, and trafficking of illegal weapons.

These rackets organized groups of individuals to keep their “business” covert and profitable, which in turn enables them to offer illegal products publicly and conveniently that authorities have a difficult time making prosecutions and arrests.

Additionally, when crime rings breach the corporate world, they could rob huge corporations via many different white collar criminal strategies, which in turn could put their target company in financial ruin, along with its employees and shareholders.

The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act

Prosecutors found it nearly impossible to end racketeering before Congress enacting laws for specifically fighting organized crime. Before, they could convict only the low-ranking members or henchmen of crime rings since these were the individuals who actually did the illegal work.

But the brains behind the entire operation usually go free since prosecutors could not connect them directly to the crimes. Fortunately, Congress enacted the RICO or Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act in 1978.

This law offers prosecutors provisions they require to combat organized crime rings, says a renowned white collar lawyer here in Houston.

Plenty of states have likewise enacted similar statutes. Under this act, prosecutors would not need to prove that a suspect committed the illegal activity personally. Rather, they should only show that the offender manages and owns the alleged criminal organization.

What to Do If You Are Facing Charges

Although your charge might not come close to infamous mob rings of yesteryears, conviction of a RICO crime could result in severe consequences. But being accused does not necessarily mean that the opposition could prove that you committed a crime.

There are relevant defenses might apply to your case, and the best way to learn about these is by consulting an experienced attorney to review your case.

Ways to Solve Your Business Disputes Affordably

Business people and a lawyer on a meeting roomThe thing with business is you will need to settle a dispute every once in a while, regardless of how good your working culture is. Whether the disagreement is between you and your employees, investors, or clients, you need to know how to solve them amicably and affordably.

Here are tips to settle quickly any dispute that comes up without denting your cash flow.

Opt for alternative dispute resolution

Lawsuits can be extremely costly. Take advantage of other ways to resolve your disputes. You could choose judicial mediation and arbitration services where a third party gives the resolution to the problem.

Opt for contracts that have binding arbitration clauses, as they are more convenient should the need to settle a dispute arise.

Encourage communication

If there is more yelling than talking in your organization, there will always be trouble. Help every stakeholder in the organization to engage in calm, productive communication so you avoid needless conflicts that may lead to needless conflicts.

Whenever there is a disagreement, let those involved sit down and have a peaceful and sincere talk to resolve it.

Find the cause of the problem

You cannot completely resolve a problem without getting to its root. Most of the time, what you see at the surface is just a cover for deeper issues. Get to the core of the problem and use your best judgment to solve the issue permanently.

Revisit your goals

If you have been facing a lot of dissenting voices, you may want to sit down together and reevaluate your business goals. Go over your objectives and find out how to tailor them, so you and your partners are satisfied. Resolve ways to work together in harmony, so you avoid clashes in the future.

Nobody likes disputes – they can be greatly taxing to both your emotions and your finances. By being smart, you can smoothly handle any problem that comes your way.

Unexpected Ways a Business Attorney Can Help with Your Start-Up

Small Business Attorney in Denver

Business Attorney in DenverAs a small business owner with a start-up, every coin counts as an investment. A lot of business owners neglect seeking the advice of a business attorney because they view it as a waste of money or they think that they can handle everything on their own.

Nonetheless, starting a business and running it is a complicated process and requires the expertise of an experienced business attorney, which Denver has in abundance. Here are some ways a lawyer can help with your start-up.

Legal issues and documents

For your business to thrive, it must follow laws governing businesses in your particular state. With numerous forms to fill and procedures to follow, it can be complicated to know if you’ve filled everything out correctly and if you have complied with all the set regulations. An attorney helps you navigate through these procedures, thus saving you time and money.

Trademarks and patents

With today’s competitive industry, you’ll find that some people aren’t very creative and are quick to copy other people’s work. Creating a trademark that protects you from these people is essential.


As a newbie in the business world, knowing which legal entity will be best for you and your business can be confusing, an attorney helps you analyse the different entities based on personal liability, regulatory procedures and taxes.


As a business owner, you’ll have to sign important contracts like employee contracts, confidentiality agreements, non-compete agreements and non-solicitation agreement. You will also have to come up with end user license agreements, privacy policies and terms of services. Experienced attorneys work with you to develop concrete contracts that protect you and your business.

Starting a business can be time-consuming not to mention the never ending barriers you may need to overcome. To overcome these hurdles, it’s imperative to hire an experienced business attorney who’s knowledgeable about start-ups and the various challenges they go through. This is an investment that will be beneficial to you and your business in the long run.

Business Situations that Tell You Need Legal Help


Even businesses need legal help at times. Yes, they are often seen as an added cost, but having a lawyer to guide you while setting up, operating, or closing a business is usually worth it.

Starting a Business

lawyerIt’s not just the capital and a business plan that you need when starting an enterprise or a small venture. There are legal aspects in putting up a business, which includes licenses and permits, as well as incorporation documents if there are other people involved.

Navigating the legalities is time-consuming and confusing. With legal help, you’ll be free from such concerns, allowing you to focus on other aspects. It should also set your mind at ease that you’re doing everything right legally before you begin operations.

Safeguard Interests

Denver business lawyers from Miller & Steiert, P.C. understand the importance of transaction documents. But some aspects of business operations may not be measured in numbers.

There are business partners who contribute more than just cash, such as appreciated property, intellectual property, or expertise. It’s difficult to quantify these contributions, but with the guidance of a business attorney, these will not cause potential problems in the partnership as long as the parties agree on the valuation. Having a lawyer to safeguard everyone’s interests avoids problems.

Special Cases

While a lawyer isn’t necessary in the operations of most businesses, there are instances when the services of one become a need. You need legal representation to deal with employees wanting to sue the company on grounds of discrimination or termination.

There are also businesses that are up for an investigation by the local, state, or federal authorities. It’s best that an attorney be present for the case.

Sale of the Business

You finally decide to sell the business. A lawyer should be there during negotiations until you finalize the deal. There are many legalities involved in the sale and transfer of a business, and it’s often more complex than starting a company. Don’t think of the cost. Think of the outcome when you do it right.

Business owners can do many things on their own when starting up and running the enterprise. But it’s good to know someone’s got your back to help when legal matters arise.