Child Custody in Colorado: The Common Myths and Truths

Colorful child custody letters and a gavelWhen couples with children divorce in Colorado, the most emotionally charged issue is usually child custody. Sadly, to add to the stress and heightened emotions of divorcing couples, they often receive false information from relatives, friends, or colleagues. Don’t be like them and learn some of the most common child custody myths in the state. Get your facts straight here:

Courts Always Favor Mothers

While this has been true in the previous decades, especially in cases where the child I underage, the majority of states these days — including Colorado — would prioritize the best interests of the child when determining child custody orders.

Parents with Issues Will Never Get Custody Rights

Mental illnesses, substance abuse Issues, criminal convictions, and past domestic violence issues may seem like valid reasons not to give custody, but that’s not true. Those who have struggled in the past or are struggling with these issues could still be awarded supervised visitation rights, especially if they’re taking steps to address their issues and getting proper treatment.

Children Can Choose to Live with their Parent of Choice

Courts in Colorado will retain jurisdiction over child custody matters until the child reaches 18 years of age. However, renowned child custody attorneys in Colorado Springs explain that courts may consider the wishes of a child who exhibits a certain maturity, but are not under any obligation to make custody orders. You Could Deny Visitation If Your Ex-Spouse Doesn’t or Stops Sending Child Support Payments

Many issues could result in your ex-spouse losing visitation rights, but failing to send support payments isn’t one of them. Child visitation and child support are two entirely different matters as the law is concerned.

You Could Modify the Child Custody Order

Take note that your child custody order is a legal and binding document that could only be modified by the court.

You’re Free to Relocate to Another State without Telling Your Ex-Spouse

If the court grants you physical custody of your child, you would need to file a notice with the court and inform your ex-spouse of your wishes to relocate. The court would then schedule a hearing to establish if relocation would be in your child’s best interests.

Child custody matters are more often than not complicated for everyone involved, but you could learn your rights and try to at least work with your ex-spouse if possible. Do not hesitate to consult a family attorney to help reduce potential conflict and make things a bit easier on you, and most importantly, your child.

Four Classifications of Crime According to Criminal Law

Law concept shotLaw concept shotThe word crime traces its origins to the Latin word “crimin” and its variation “crimen,” which translates to “accusation” or “misdeed,” according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Further dissected, the word is believed to be derived from the verb “cernere.” The first half of the word consists of the variant “cri-” which means “to decide, sift or distinguish,” while the second half consists of the suffix “-men, which is linked to the end of words to transform them into a noun.

After examining its etymology, you now have an idea of what “crime” means. Crime is a deliberate offense that a person, whether coerced or not, commits. It will be one of the first concepts your instructor will discuss to you once you begin your criminal investigator training. Understanding the origins and the nature of crime is central to your success in solving one.

Arson, larceny, rape, fraud, terrorism — these are just some of the words that you have probably heard before that are associated with the word crime. There are many forms of crime, however. They are divided into four major classifications:


As its name suggests, personal crimes are crimes committed against a person, which affects them either physically or psychologically. Rape, assault, and murder are examples of personal crimes. Robbery, which is also categorized as a crime against property, is also considered a personal crime in that it causes physical and emotional distress to the victim.


Property crimes are offenses committed against property. Ownership of property, whether a car or savings, is one of the basic rights of a person, and preventing someone from enjoying that liberty through unlawful ways merits punishment. Fraud, forgery, theft, and robbery are categorized under crimes against property.


Inchoate offenses are crimes committed to fulfill another crime. Conspiracy, attempt (i.e., to commit manslaughter, robbery, etc.) and bribery are types of inchoate offenses.


Statutory crimes, as it sounds, are crimes committed against the government as well as the laws passed by its legislative body. Insider trading, statutory rape, drug trafficking, and drunk driving are classified as statutory crimes.

Three Instances that Require Legal Business Representation

Businesswoman with her attorney and business partnerAny business may face legal battles due to different circumstances. What may initially be a look like a straightforward case can turn out to be complex and in breach of several laws. If your business does not have a legal team to make sure everything complies with the law, you may lose a battle before it’s even begun.

Miller & Steiert, P.C. compiles for us a short list of areas that need legal representation:


In a merger or acquisition, there are binding contracts to sign. You need to check that the terms are favorable to your company. Otherwise, you may be looking at millions of dollars in losses. You may even lose your entire business if you’ve landed yourself in a compromising agreement. As soon as you sign those papers, they are legally binding, so make sure a business attorney has checked all the paperwork for any loopholes.

Breach of Contract

You may have successfully gotten into a merger with the help of your business attorney, but it doesn’t mean you won’t encounter problems. If any of your partners have breached the contract, you will need an attorney to iron out the situation. Legal action may be necessary if there is a possibility of you losing money or ruining your company’s future. Any act that is against the contract can be a reason for a lawsuit. Have your lawyers look over the terms to see if you have missed or any important detail.


With the onset of social media, going viral on the internet is not so far off. When a situation gets way out of hand and catches media attention, you’re going to need a business attorney. A Colorado cake making business has recently been the talk of the town because of the baker’s refusal to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple. According to the baker, it was freedom of speech that gave him the right to refuse to participate in the celebration of a union that was against his own beliefs. Controversy has surrounded the case because of anti-discriminatory laws. Without competent lawyers on both sides, an issue like this cannot be resolved, and similar issues could be confusing in the future.

Businesses need lawyers to handle delicate matters. There are simply areas of business operations that you cannot do yourself.

Top Reasons to Learn Family Law

Lawyer holding a note with written text as family lawFamily law is something that you should know to protect yourself, your kids, and your relationship. If you want to get a head start on this, you have come to the right place. Below are some important facts you need to know, as specified by Miller & Steiert, P.C., family law experts in Denver, CO.

Family Law Covers Marriage and What Follows After

There are provisions in the law that ensure that the people involved in the bond will get equal benefits. For one, the value of a property you bought while married will fall under conjugal proprietorship. Other areas also include handling divorce, separation, child custody, and other disputes that come with ending a marriage.

Family Law Covers Legal Protection

Separation can be painful and devastating, but it happens. To protect yourself from further pains and problems, you must turn to family law. Certain provisions will help protect you against being taken advantage of. If the other party is harassing or threatening you, you can seek the help of a qualified attorney to look into the law and find a provision that can protect you and perhaps your properties as well.

Family Law Can Secure Your Finances

Another tricky aspect of separation or divorce is child support. The obligation of to financially support the children depends upon the final court ruling. If the one appointed fails to do so, family law can set repercussions. At the same time, family law will make sure the one party doesn’t take advantage of the other and make them pay more than they have to.

These are just some of the things to learn about family law. Although none of us expect our families to be in a situation that calls for legal action, we can never certain what could happen in our lives. If you want to learn more, consult a reliable attorney.

Your Divorce Lawyer is Not Your Therapist

Divorce cracked paperDivorce is both heartbreaking and stressful. Emotions also tend to run high at this point, which can affect the outcome. Bottling up those feelings, however, is never advisable, as it could add more stress and affect your mental health.

Divorce lawyers in Albuquerque note that you can benefit from great support system at this time. It is a good idea to talk to friends and family members or consult a licensed therapist. The latter can help you navigate through negative emotions by allowing you to talk about problems or any other issue you feel uncomfortable discussing with friends and family.

Why Detachment Matters

It is never a good idea to skip hiring a therapist and consider your lawyer as one. While your attorney cares about your situation, detachment is still necessary to ensure that they can do their job properly. The primary goals of having an attorney are to help you with the legal process and protect your rights. Their service doesn’t include giving advice about life choices or being a shoulder to cry on.

Get the Right Emotional Support

Calling your lawyer every day or most of the time is also not advisable. This is especially true if you want to chat or get emotional support. Note that your lawyer is running a business, and you may sometimes end up paying for those calls. Your extra money could be better spent by hiring a therapist who can help you deal with stress and frustrations.

What to Expect from Lawyers

It is important to be realistic and understand what you can expect and not expect from your divorce attorney. A reliable one offers responsiveness and professionalism that will help you move on with the process smoothly. You can ask questions and get organized. It is also a good idea to be prepared in meetings and take some notes. This can make your appointment productive and avoid extra costs.

Don’t complicate the whole divorce process by relying on your lawyer too much. Listen to their legal advice and hire a therapist so you can stay emotionally stable during the process.

How To Become a Legal Nurse Consultant

LNC at workA registered nurse makes a decent salary, but you can make more as a legal nurse consultant (LNC) or nurse paralegal. LNCs have a legal knowledge that can be valuable in many medical cases. They serve as a sort of translator for health professionals and lawyers in cases involving medical malpractice or, for example, personal injury. A regular nurse with no legal training would not know enough about the law to charge for consultancy services. Now, here are the steps on how to become a legal nurse consultant.

Get a Degree

The first step in becoming an LNC is getting a nursing degree. You can choose either a bachelor or associate degree in nursing. However, you do have to pass the exam of the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). This will qualify you to work as a registered nurse, and apply for an LNC certification.

Get the Coursework

The next step is to get the legal studies courses you need to work as an LNC. Online courses are the most convenient and cost-effective way to do this. You can complete the course at your own pace. You may have a problem going to physical classes with a fixed schedule if you work full time as a nurse.

Get Experience

You may need several years of work experience as a registered nurse to get a job as an LNC. Most employers prefer LNCs that has worked as a nurse and has extensive practical experience in the field. They can give better medical advice to lawyers and insurance companies than a fresh graduate can. Additionally, you need 2,000 hours work experience as an LNC to get certification. Simply put, you need work experience as a registered nurse to work as an LNC, and you need to be a working LNC to qualify for certification.

You can work as an LNC without certification if you have done the coursework, so that is the most important step. However, LNC certification gives you better career options and better pay.

What to Do if You’re at Fault in a Car Accident

Two people in the middle of a car accidentAny kind of vehicular accident is dangerous and stressful. If you realize at once that you’re at fault, which adds even more stress. Don’t panic, though, as that never help. Here are some suggestions on how to handle this situation.

Don’t Just Drive or Walk Off

After the accident, check yourself for injuries. Check your passengers. If anyone is in need of immediate medical attention, call for help and get the injured to the hospital as soon as possible. Check the other vehicle for an injured driver or passengers, as well. Unless you need to be at the hospital, either for yourself or for another injured victim, do not leave the site of the accident since this may complicate legal responsibilities.

Check Your Temper

At-fault or not, never lose your temper. Like panic, this never solves anything and can even complicate matters. The other people involved in the accident may react in kind if you let your temper get the best of you.

Get the Information You Need

Instead of reacting like a maniac, stay calm and talk to the other driver. Get their name, address, and phone number. Make sure to get their insurance information. Give your own info to the other driver. Note the time, date, and exact location. Get contact information from possible witnesses. Even if you’re at fault, avoid apologizing or making excuses.

Call the People Who Can Help

Call the police and have them call the EMTs if you need any. Usually, the cops will alert the EMTs automatically. Call your loved ones to inform them. Call your insurance provider and your Springfield, IL auto accident attorney.

Wait for Everyone to Leave

Don’t leave until everyone else has — the other driver, the police, etc. To be sure, go to a medical facility when everyone else has already left. Have yourself and your passengers checked. Sometimes, trauma keeps you from feeling anything. Some effects take time to manifest. It’s important to have a checkup immediately to determine anything that needs to be addressed. If you turn out to be not at fault, you can also use the medical information and medications.

Car accidents are dangerous and traumatizing. Being prepared can help you get over the situation as soon as possible.