Deception in Divorce: Sometimes You Just Can’t Trust Some People

Couples DivorceSometimes, it’s hard to comprehend why some couples divorce. For others, though, it’s clear as day: the opposing party was simply dishonest. Keeping a secret is hardly better, harmless or otherwise, but it’s another to lie outright. They start to live separate lives because of all the things they hide from each other, and it won’t be a surprise to see these individuals in a failing marriage.

This habit, however, follows some people to the end. The sins you commit in your marriage paints a picture, and it’s your choice to use them beneficially or ignore them. For those who let their greed reign over them, it doesn’t end well. Some just can’t agree on anything that they drag the divorce as long as each other is alive.

But, it doesn’t have to come to a globetrotting situation for a divorce to be as complicated. You won’t be the first to come to The Law Offices of Ian S. Mednick or other divorce attorneys with the same kind of problem, and this is why they can help you.

Nothing New, Nothing Good

Feuding couples are nothing new, but fights don’t matter in the eyes of the law. It’s deception and one-upmanship that a judge minds, and if there’s something inconsistent with your spouse’s claims, especially in financial matters, it’s worth pursuing the truth.

Money isn’t just money in divorces; it represents both of the spouses’ effort to build a life with each other. These funds are community property and in Long Island law and you have grounds to claim some properties for your own. It’s hardly about money; houses, cars, custody, it’s all been fought over in the past.

This is why being honest is for your own good. Divorce is as much of a legal process as it is an emotional one, and in the latter, the judge is the adjudicator. It’s always better to be open, to let your lawyer and the judge know that you have nothing to hide. It will also let your legal counsel build a stronger case.

Being amicable isn’t the worst when dealing with a divorce. A lying spouse will make it hard, but honesty offers a better endgame than deception.

Getting Out of Jail: Last Minute Preparations for a Bail Hearing

Bail Bonds in Raleigh

Bail Bonds in RaleighAfter getting arrested, you will have a few hours to a full day to prepare for your bail hearing. Posting bail will keep you out of custody while awaiting your trial, or some other result in your case, such as a guilty plea or withdrawal of charges.

If the court approves of a bail hearing, consider yourself lucky, because you get the chance to avoid jail time. While the primary purpose of a bail hearing is for the judge to decide on the bail amount, you’d want to have positive outcomes out of it and set the ground for your upcoming trial.

What Happens at a Bail Hearing

A bail hearing, or in some cases, dangerousness hearing, happens during your arraignment, or when the court has decided on your pre-trial release. Like other types of court proceedings, it happens in the courthouse or courtroom before a judge, where the clerk will read out the allegations made against you.

The judge will then call a witness or witnesses to testify. In most cases, the witness is the police officer in charge of the investigation. Based on the circumstances of your arrest, the judge will set an amount, which you will pay as an assurance that you will return to court.

Proving you’re Not a Flight Risk

To be released from custody, you have to prove that you’re not a flight risk. Having significant financial resources might put you at a high flight risk, as the bail judge will assume that you have the means to flee the country and finance a new life. Having fewer community ties can be a big disadvantage.

At a bail hearing, you are given the chance to present documents and proof that you don’t intend to leave the state or country. Proof that you have a stable job, strong ties with your family and the community will do, but character references and memberships to community organizations or volunteer programs will give you an edge.

Raleigh Bond Services

Getting Your Bail Amount Reduced

There are three ways to post bail in North Carolina. You may either pay the amount in cash, through a surety or bail bonds in Raleigh, NC, or by a recognizance or signature bond. As much as possible, you’d want the judge to grant you the last one, as you won’t have to pay cash if you sign a written promise that you will return to court for your trial and not engage in any illegal activity. But then again, it’s up to the court’s discretion if you can be released on your own recognizance.

The most common type of bail issued during bail hearings is the surety or bail bond. If you can’t afford to post bail in cash, a bail bond is your best chance of not spending your pre-trial days in jail. Raleigh bail bonds services are easily accessible, which your attorney or a representative can arrange for you, regardless of the amount issued by the court.

Bear in mind that a court may exercise its discretion with respect to the allowance of bail “. If you seek a reduction of bail, the court will reevaluate the circumstances of your particular case, especially in the presence of doubt of your innocence.

Communicating at a Bail Hearing

At a bail hearing, your lawyer will do most of the talking, but there are other ways you can communicate with the court and have some control over the results of the proceeding. Keep in mind that courts set a certain amount of bail for two objectives – to ensure your appearance in court and the safety of the community in which you will be released.

For that reason, your behavior from the time of your arrest to your bail hearing and during court recess matters. The best way to communicate that you are not violent and you don’t intend to evade trial or go into hiding is by conducting yourself properly, sufficiently cooperating with the people investigating your case, and providing all the documents your attorney asks for.

A bail judge takes many factors into account when deciding on your pre-trial release or bail amount. Staying too long in jail can be quite damaging to you and your family, so unless you have drug use problems or is deemed a threat to public safety, it’s best that you do your part in getting yourself out of custody.

When The Government Seizes Your Home

Real Estate LawyerIt’s relatively uncommon to hear of a government-sanctioned home seizure. But that doesn’t mean that things like such don’t happen. Certain circumstances may give the government the right to seize someone’s property. And when this happens, only a real estate lawyer can provide ample defense against it. But why does it happen; and how can one deal with it?

Why It Happens

There are five common instances which prompt the government to seize a private property. For example, a property may be considered condemned; if so, the authorities take control of the land to likely convert it for public use. A “judicial lien” can also happen, wherein a property’s title is taken when a foreclosure resulting in a judicial sale is involved. Tax issues can also prompt a government takeover, as well as civil forfeiture (when the property is involved in a crime), and intentions for private economic development.

Most of the time, however, a property may be seized even if its owners aren’t actually charged with a crime (see civil forfeiture). U.S. law states that all it takes is mere suspicion of a crime, during an instance which agencies like the Department of Justice or even the IRS can step in. The law’s original intent is to justify the seizure of a money launderer/drug dealer’s assets, though its major drawback is its lackadaisical requirement threshold.

Defending Against It

Just this May, Rep. James Sensenbrenner of the state of Wisconsin introduced a bill aiming to protect private property from seizure without ample evidence. It was subsequently approved by the House Judiciary Committee a mere week after its introduction. Known as the Due Process Act, the bill is part of a multifaceted effort which aims to protect both individuals and businesses upon committing unintentional violations of the Criminal Code Improvement Act of 2015.

This legislation is something that stands on universal moral grounds. There’s obviously a need to fully and adequately establish an organization or individual’s guilt in terms of using private property as an accessory to a crime. California state representative Darrell Issa is among its fervent supporters, believing that law enforcement must not make a habit of seizing property without sufficient proof of a criminal offense. It’s also something that unwary accused parties can exploit when matters are taken to court.

Live & Work in the U.S. Legally: Obtaining a Green Card

Green Card for US Citizenship at ProvoMany people dream of becoming a permanent resident of the United States. There are several ways for them to achieve this, one of which is through obtaining a green card. Those who carry a green card not only have the right to reside lawfully in any part of the country, the government also provides them with certain rights as a permanent U.S. resident.

Eligibility Quiz: Do You Qualify for a Green Card?

There are three primary methods for you to obtain a permanent immigrant status in the country:

  • One of the most common ways is to apply through one of your qualified family members. When you have an immediate relative in the U.S. who is a citizen (a parent, spouse, or sibling), the government may grant you with a permanent resident status.
  • You can also become a legal, permanent immigrant of the nation through an employer. Whether you already have a job in the country or a U.S.-based company wants to take you in as a long-term employee, you have a higher eligibility rate.
  • The United States Government also provides this status to individuals admitted to the country as refugees or as a child or spouse of a qualified refugee.

Speeding up the Process

The laws surrounding permanent immigrant status in the U.S. are complex and difficult. This is where a greencard attorney in Utah comes into play. With the help of a legal professional specializing in this field, you can hasten up the process of obtaining the rights and responsibilities of someone who bears such a title. Having a practitioner in this area of the law on your side will lighten the load and stress that typically comes with applying for this document.

The last thing you want is for the authorities to catch you living or working in the country illegally, so make sure you prepare for it and obtain a green card as soon as you can.

When is Prenuptial Agreement Best for You

Family Law Attorney in DenverThere are certain situations that may call for you and your future spouse to enter a prenuptial agreement. Contrary to popular belief that prenuptial agreement is a precursor to divorce, it could even strengthen your relationship.

Now that you are engaged and have agreed on a date for the wedding, maybe it is also time for you to evaluate whether you need prenuptial agreement or not. While there are some who view a prenuptial agreement as an acknowledgment of a possible future divorce, it actually is not. It is simply a certain degree of protection if ever the ugly head of divorce shows up. So how do you know if entering into such agreement is the best thing for you?

You are a co-owner of a business

Imagine, for instance, that you are one of the four owners of a business enterprise holding an equal share as the other three. If sometime in the future your spouse files for a divorce, all your holdings will be subject to the proceedings. In short, your spouse may end up owning part of your shares, thereby becoming also part of the business.

What can happen?

Such situation may not be welcome to your partners and could potentially result in professional disagreements. In fact, according to, this situation can debilitate your business. To prevent this from happening, entering into a prenuptial agreement that specifically excludes your business shares from any proceeding may be the best option for you.

You have more money than your spouse

Supposing you invested $85,000 at Google’s initial public offering of $85, that would have been equal to a thousand shares. Today, your Google stocks could be worth more than $1,250,000. Though such amount may not qualify you as a multimillionaire, it is still a substantial amount even by today’s standards.

Your spouse has little

Assume further that your spouse has less than five thousand dollars to call as assets when you got engaged. In this situation, it might be prudent for you to seek a prenuptial agreement with regards to your shares of stock. A prenuptial agreement can help clarify about who owns what asset.

Your soon-to-be spouse has a huge financial baggage

Obviously, you would not want to be burdened by someone else’s debt in case your marriage ends, would you? There have been many cases like this before and it is always the spouse who had no debt in the first place ends up losing big time. If you are aware of your spouse’s debts before the wedding, it might be for your protection that you seek a prenuptial agreement.

These are only some of the instances when entering into a prenuptial agreement may be the right thing for you to do. Your family law attorneys in Denver could further enlighten you on other situations that may necessitate a prenuptial agreement.

Unique Denver Laws on Real Estate Purchases

Real Estate PurchaseAfter years of saving up, you’re finally ready to move into your family home. The great outdoors, the many activities available and the weather can make Colorado someone’s version of paradise.

Like every other American state, buying a home in Colorado is governed by unique state laws. Here are some you might want to know before you buy a home in Denver.

Colorado’s Disclosure Laws

Because of this law, buyers will have access to important information about the home they are purchasing. Information provided by the seller include, not be limited to:

  1. The property belonging to a special taxing district.
  2. The home’s source of drinking (or potable) water.
  3. If the home has ever been a venue for the manufacturing of methamphetamine.
  4. Any future transportation projects (railways, etc.) nearby.
  5. If the property requires a membership to an association (such as those in condominiums or exclusive neighborhoods)

While the disclosure law does offer additional peace of mind to buyers, they shouldn’t replace home inspection or warrantless vigilance from buyers. If you’re buying through a broker, the following information can only be revealed if the seller agrees:

  1. The willingness of the seller to accept a lower price
  2. History of the home, including extraordinary deaths or other occurrences.
  3. The reason the home is on the market.

Turn a Portion of the Home into a Homestead

Turning your home, or a portion of it, into a homestead will shield it from debtors. This law helps prevent anyone from becoming homeless, even during bankruptcy. Hiring a lawyer in Colorado with estate planning expertise will help buyers iron out their options.

Individuals can file to protect up to $60,000 of their equity for bankruptcy protection. While couples won’t be able to double this amount, it already exceeds the federal limit of $22,975.

No Borrowing of Vacuum Cleaners in Denver

On a less serious note, it is actually illegal to lend your vacuum cleaner to your neighbor in Denver. While this is bizarre, this law can prevent the spread of parasites like bed bugs. 

With rising property prices in the Colorado area, buying a home won’t only provide comfort, but can be a great way to invest in the property market.

The 4 Things You Need to Do When Turning Yourself In for A Warrant in Raleigh

Hiring a Lawyerr

Hiring a LawyerrHow do you handle a situation that will land you in jail? Your reaction will determine what occurs during and after a Raleigh court issues a warrant for your arrest. To avoid further tussles with the law and ruin your future, it’s best to turn yourself in.

Here are the four crucial steps you need to take to minimize the impact of an arrest.

Take control and hire a lawyer

Before you drive to the county jail and officially turn yourself in, you need to get proper representation. A good defense lawyer will determine the charges against you, severity of the case, and penalties involved. After getting the relevant details, your lawyer can then negotiate your detention and case with the district attorney.

It’s important to hire a lawyer before you go into custody. Getting a lawyer before your incarceration could reduce the time you spend in lock up. Your defense lawyer can also argue in court that the specifics of your case don’t require time in jail. For example, the warrant is for “failure to appear in court.” Your lawyer can get it struck, which saves you from jail time and bond payment.

If the warrant stands, your defense lawyer can get a lower amount of bond. The amount, according to, will depend on your financial ability, criminal record, the severity of the alleged defense, and strength of evidence.

Your attorney could also put your family or friends in touch with reliable companies providing bail bonds in Raleigh, NC.

The Right TimingTurn yourself in on the ideal days

Never turn yourself in on a Monday or Friday. On Mondays, authorities have to process a backlog of arrests that took place over the weekend. On Fridays, the courts might not have enough time to see you before the weekend, which means you stay in custody. It’s best to turn yourself in on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday — bright and early.

Exercise your right to “remain silent”

You’ve heard the Miranda rights repeatedly on TV or in the movies. Now it’s time to exercise what you’ve heard, and not say anything because “it can and will be used against you in court.” Anything you “blurt out” or say in passing while you’re being processed can be interpreted in a negative way.

Wait for your lawyer to show up before you answer any question. Your lawyer’s guidance can prevent you from saying the wrong things, which will weaken your case.

Bring only what’s necessary

County jails will confiscate cigarettes, pocket knives, and other contraband. You may also want to leave your mobile phone at home. Bring only your identification and prescription medicines. If you have a condition requiring medical equipment, ask your lawyer about policies at the county jail.

Whether the warrant is for a DWI or failure to appear in court, following the right steps can minimize the impact of an arrest. Get a lawyer who knows how to reduce the required bail, turn yourself in on the right days, exercise your right to remain silent, and bring only the essentials.

Is There a Brewing Conflict in Your Workplace?

Poor PerformanceThe workplace can be an avenue to build friendships with colleagues. Working with the same faces every day lets employees grow closer and form personal relationships. But sometimes, things can get too personal. Once they do, or even before they do, signs of a brewing conflict begin to show.

Do you see any of these in your workplace?

Employees Performing Poorly

People generally dislike confrontations. If you’re a manager, you won’t expect commercial dispute lawyers from Creagh Weightman Lawyers, or elsewhere, marching into your office to ask employees about a complaint without any previous signs of an impending dispute.

When you’re looking for the signs, keep an eye on your employees’ performance. If they are unable to fulfil their responsibilities the way they usually do, you may have to sit down and ask them what the problem is.

There are many possible causes of poor performance, and as a responsible manager and colleague, you have to consider them. They will point to an issue that you have to address, so it’s wise to identify and fix it right away.


Gossips are a common indicator of issues, and they’ll probably be your first source of information about workplace conflicts. If you overhear juicy and less-than-pleasing bits of news about a colleague, or even yourself, talk it over with them. Find out who’s the source, hear all sides of the story and clear the air for everyone involved.

Remind your co-workers that they are in the office to work, not to spread rumours. If they have problems they want to bring up, they may speak to the person directly, or ask for their supervisor’s opinion and assistance.

Frequent Absence

If you notice more employees calling in sick at least once a week, you must check up on them as soon as possible. They may be developing serious health or stress-related issues in the workplace. Or it may be a sign that they don’t want to be in the workplace anymore, and they try to stay away from it. Try asking their close friends and find out the reason behind their frequent absence if you can’t speak to them directly.

Conflicts in the workplace may be inevitable, so it’s important to catch them early on and keep them from turning into full-blown problems. Do it by watching out for the signs.