What Not to Do When Filing for Bakruptcy

Bankruptcy in ArkansasWhen entering any kind of business, you should be ready for the possibility of going bankrupt. No investment is completely certain, especially opening a startup business. No matter how successful you think you can be, there’s still a chance that your business may fail. If that happens, an option you have is filing for bankruptcy. Here are some of the most common mistakes people make:

Providing Inadequate or Dishonest Information

The bankruptcy paperwork requires you to provide certain information about yourself and your business. This includes all your assets, income, expenses, debts, and complete financial history. If you knowledgeably misrepresented yourself by presenting incomplete or inaccurate information, you may be subject to criminal prosecution. If you fail to disclose something, it may haunt you in the middle of the bankruptcy filing process.

Choosing Which Loans to Repay

Paying back loans from friends, relatives, or certain creditors may be seen as a preferential transfer, which is not good when you’re filing for bankruptcy. The trustee may start an adversarial proceeding to get the payment you’ve made from the person or creditor and then equally disburse it among all your creditors. You might drag the person or creditor with a new case if you repay loans selectively.

Not Working with a Lawyer

Bankruptcy can be a pretty complicated process and not working with a lawyer can do you more harm than good. The Baim Law Firm says that there are many bankruptcy lawyers in Arkansas you can choose from depending on your budget and preferences. It’s important to have the guidance of someone who has experience in handling bankruptcy cases for you to succeed in filing it and getting help from the debt you’re in.

Never do these common mistakes to be more careful throughout the entire bankruptcy filing process. Never do anything unless you’re completely sure that it wouldn’t hurt your case.

Saving Your Marriage Through Counseling

Marriage Counsel in AlbuquerqueSome marriages go through problems, both big and small. But if you constantly fight and cannot even talk to each other, you might be able to save your marriage by opting for professional counseling.

Still, in cases where even counseling cannot help, divorce lawyers, particularly in the Albuquerque area, may offer you the cleanest exit. But before you do so, consider these pieces of advice:

Proper Communication

Proper communication and mutual respect are the ingredients of successful relationships, and this is truer in matrimony than any other relationship. It can help if you learn proper communication – which involves not only talking but also listening. So, talk to your spouse and when they do, give him or her your complete attention. It is possible that after a fight you will have hard feelings but it is a good idea to apologize soon. It is good to take some responsibility for the altercation and be genuinely sorry.

Stop Blaming Each Other

Spouses normally blame each other for everything that goes wrong with their marriage. But the blame game can get you nowhere and put you on the defensive. Avoid this misstep and ensure that you do not take your partner for granted. Mistakes in a marriage are rarely one-sided. So do not develop a for granted attitude towards your spouse; instead find ways to work around issues in your relationship and understand the space your spouse might need.

Seek Professional Help

You might understand certain steps on your own, but some only professionals can help you understand. They can tell you how doing fun things together, can also help your marriage. These activities can include going for a movie or a picnic. You can also go trekking, hiking or walking together. It is good not to dwell too much on the past but just concentrate on fixing the current situation.

Thus, getting professional help can help you strengthen your relationship with your partner. It is recommended that both of you, work at making the marriage work.

U.S. Companies Merging and Acquiring at Record Pace

Merger Deal

Merger DealThe U.S. has always had a powerful economy. Companies merge all the time, and larger companies acquire smaller ones by cutting deals that would benefit both of them. Last October 2016, high-profile mergers and acquisitions were valued at more than $251 billion, breaking records across the charts.

Companies in Denver and other cities hire business attorneys to help them merge successfully. The country’s sudden “merger mania” seemed to peak in the third week of October, where companies racked up to $177 billion in mergers and acquisitions for that week alone.

High-profile Tech Giants

Technology is one of the busiest sectors — they currently make up more than a quarter of all U.S. targeted deals, with a 19 percent deal value, with the health care sector close behind. Deal value determines how profitable the deal would be for either party.

Some of the biggest deals so far include the acquisition of the Time Warner Inc., a media and entertainment company, by AT&T Inc., one of the countries top telecommunications companies. The deal cost $85 billion.

Another tech acquisition was Qualcomm Inc.’s purchase of NXP Semiconductors NV. Qualcomm bought the company for a cool $39 billion.

Quick Growth

Though it is currently unclear why October was such a hot month for company acquisitions and mergers, many companies understand that this is one of the fastest ways to bolster their growth. Mergers allow struggling companies to boost sales, grow profit quickly, and mitigate their losses.

For the larger companies, this means getting quality staff and additional skills to help bolster their presence in their respective industries. Mergers allow companies to innovate further and increase their market shares.

Unfortunately, deals do not always fall through. Write-downs can be especially damaging to certain companies. For example, in 2007, write-downs of goodwill caused a major reduction of earnings.

Though October was a great month for mergers and acquisitions, the impact still remains to be seen.

Next Steps: What to Do When Your Insurance Company Refuses to Pay Your Claim

Insurance Claim in Los Angeles

Insurance Claim in Los AngelesInsurance is used to cover emergency expenses should you get into any type of accident. You could be perfectly fine but if your car isn’t, you’ll want your insurance company to help you out. Except…they don’t. What can you do then?

Reading the Fine Print

Make sure you know your policy inside and out. Your insurance is acting in bad faith if they intentionally do not honor a valid claim. Some signs to look out for include denying your claim without giving a reason or negotiating to pay you far less than what your claim should command. They may also bring up complicated jargon in their contract that may allow them to sidestep their fiscal duty to you. At worst, they may even attempt to pressure you to drop the claim. Any of these acts is cause for complaint and can be a basis for filing a complaint of bad faith.

Finding Representation

Haffner Law will probably suggest that should you find yourself in this type of situation, seek the help of a lawyer who specializes in bad faith insurance cases. It is generally best to hire locally so filing a case in Los Angeles means hiring representation there. You can choose to get a large firm to take on your case. In general, these larger firms will have contacts that can ease the process of litigation. Make sure to talk to your lawyer and discuss your case thoroughly. This will help determine your chances of winning the case as well as bring up questions such as their fee structure and case history.

What’s in it for You?

The amount you win can vary. At the very least, it can be equal to the cost of the claim you should have received from the start. There is also a chance that you will be awarded the amount you spent pursuing this case. You can also include in the case any emotional distress you experienced upon realizing someone who should’ve had your back betrayed you.

Moving Forward

Such experiences are highly unpleasant but not impossible to move on from. Look deeply into the reputation of your next insurance company. This will help you find the right insurance policy for you.