Dangers of the Road: How to be a Responsible Driver

Responsible Driver in SpringfieldEvery time you hit the road, you are exposed to its inherent risks, and you also have the potential to become one of those risks. You can make a simple explanation for this: you are not the only person using the road or the streets in your neighborhood. And there are machines involved.

Of course, this means you have a responsibility to use the public roads with regard for your and other people’s safety. How can you do that? Here are some tips.

Keep your vehicle in good condition

A car that stalls in the middle of the road can cause accidents. If you get stranded in an unsafe area, you may also be exposed to risks like mugging or getting hit by oncoming traffic. What’s more dangerous is a tire blow-out while on a high-speed lane. Do not neglect your vehicle. Check it regularly, and especially if you will be using it to travel a long distance. Keep the numbers of towing services and your insurance provider in a notebook in your glove compartment, along with the numbers of your next of kin.

Don’t drive if you’re not feeling well

It happens to everyone at some point, not feeling well because of the weather, some food that did not agree with your digestion, or one bottle too many of your favorite beer. Not only are you risking your life by operating a car, but you are also risking the lives of your passengers, other motorists, and pedestrians.

If you’ve had too much to drink, ask a sober friend to drive you home, or don’t leave at all; sleep it off. If you are ill, call 911 and get to a medical facility. Include the numbers of your DUI lawyer in Springfield, IL in your notebook, in case you are able to drive but get stopped by a police officer. You may think a DUI is nothing, but it will show up in your records.

Don’t drive too fast

It is common for many people to floor the gas when they think there is no police presence in the area. If you drive too fast and get in an accident because of it, the police is the least of your problems. Over-speeding limits your reaction time substantially. You may have fast reflexes, but other things may affect your safety, such as blown-out tires or failing brakes. So don’t risk it. Always drive within the recommended speed limits.

Driving is a necessity and a privilege in the United States. Don’t risk your life or the life of other people, or at the very least your license by ignoring the limits.

Estate Planning: Think Beyond Money

Inheritance PlanningFights over estates, experts suggest, go beyond money and dollars. In fact, it is common for family members to spend more on legal fees just to battle their relatives over a piece of property they believe they should inherit. They may fight over a piece of furniture, jewelry, painting, or even an old watch.

This is why it is important to think about the nonfinancial aspects when planning your estate. It is also good to remember that it is almost impossible to be fair and equal when dividing possessions and property. You can start by deciding what the term fair means in your family.

Money Inheritance

You, for instance, might decide to leave a larger money inheritance to your child who struggles financially. This means leaving less to those who are doing well financially on their own. If you have a disabled child, it is much practical to give them more cash for long-term care, and give a family vacation home to the other child.

Communicating Wishes

Denver estate planning attorneys note that the best way to prevent family feud is to communicate you plans and wishes to the members of the family. Make it explicit on your will or tell your loved one who gets an asset or a personal property after you die. It helps to make a list of assets, bank accounts, retirement savings, and life insurance.

Asking a Loved One’s Opinion

You might also want to consider the opinion of your loved ones. This is because you might think that your children want to have your old car, while they are much concerned about your watch or that old painting in your room. This will also give you a chance to explain why you are thinking why a certain son or daughter should inherit a property.

You can also divide possessions by getting your properties appraised and then having your loved ones choose what they want. Be sure to appoint a trusted person or a family member who isn’t included in the estate as an executor. It is a much better move that naming two adult children as co-executors.


Birth Injuries: Negligence During Delivery

Birth InjuryNegligence during childbirth or delivery can cause temporary or permanent injury to the infant. This is especially true if the chosen treatment or procedure by the doctor was inappropriate of if the physician failed to use proper care before or during the delivery. Preventable or avoidable injuries that happen during childbirth are an example of medical malpractice, in which victims can file a claim.

Common Injuries

Injuries associated with childbirth vary depending on the care provided by the attending physician. One common injury is cephalohematoma, which happens when blood gathers between the cranial bone and the skin. This may be due to vacuum extraction. Caput succedaneum or swelling of the baby’s scalp may also occur if there too much pressure on the baby’s head. Vacuum extraction or long headfirst delivery may cause this.

Lack of Oxygen Flow

When doctors fail to provide adequate flow of oxygen to the baby during delivery, the brain cells are negatively affected. This may lead developmental problems, brain damage, or other conditions like epilepsy. Cerebral palsy is also likely to occur due to lack of oxygen. Birth injury and cerebral palsy lawyers in Georgia note that these conditions will require frequent medical assistance to care and support the child.

Inappropriate Infant Handling

Erb’s palsy is likely to occur if the infant’s neck or shoulder stretched greatly during delivery. This nerve-related injury may cause numbness and weakness in the arms of the baby. Babies affected by Erb’s palsy will require surgery or physical delivery to see improvements in movement. The degree of medical care varies depending on the severity of the condition.

Infant Bone Fractures

Sometimes, bone fractures are unavoidable, but they can occur when the doctor failed to identify or address any complication. Doctors, who had an opportunity to spot complications, would have performed C-section delivery if deemed appropriate. Bone fractures in a newborn baby often occur in collarbone or clavicle.

For those who think that their child’s injury is a result of medical negligence, it is important to seek legal help. An experienced birth injury lawyer can help the victim prepare evidence and proof to prove negligence and get proper compensation.

Why Paralegals are Invaluable in Divorce Cases?

Important Role of Paralegals in Divorce CasesIt’s not uncommon for paralegals to play big roles in divorce cases these days. Individuals need bona fide lawyers for this legal process, but they’d see the face of their attorney’s family law paralegal more often for certain matters. Some are even wary if the paralegal and the lawyer have switched places and the former started to take over.

This is completely wrong. Lawyers still handle divorce cases because they know family law deeper than paralegals do. America is used to paralegals doing simple tasks, such as setting appointments and preparing forms, but the profession has evolved so much its duties are no longer limited to the basics.

If you want to go to paralegal schools online to study family law and gain a foothold in the legal industry, The Center For Legal Studies exclaims that you could make a world of difference. Here are some of the contributions you could give:

Uncovering Hidden Wealth

Most modern paralegals are proficient with innovative tools useful in discovering personal assets. As a division of property is among the hottest divorce topics, your tech-savviness would be instrumental in this matter.

The cunning, richer party usually hides some wealth under the radar to remain untouched by the other during the process. Today’s paralegals are the go-to member of the legal team that could discover any undeclared assets, collect evidence, and essentially make the divorce less stressful.

Investigating Parental Alienation

Child custody could get ugly, especially if it comes at the expense of the children. It’s not unheard of for some parents to cross the line and deliberately ruin the image of the other to the kids.

As family courts decide on child custody based on the child’s best interests, it’s important to know which parent can provide the level of care the kid needs. While the suspecting parent could hire a professional investigator, an experienced paralegal could effectively produce proof that the other party is guilty of causing parental alienation.

Promoting Mediation

In the name of peaceful resolutions, mediation trumps litigation any day. Some divorcing couples are so emotional they don’t realize the financial consequences of a long divorce process.

No one really needs a bar passer to explain the benefits of taking the amicable route to them. Many 21st-century paralegals can assess if mediation is suitable for the case, saving the lawyer precious time for more important matters.

The role of paralegals in divorce cases is invaluable. If you want to be a paralegal and love family law, your career would be fulfilling.

Buying Property: The Conveyancing Process

Property BuyerYou can’t just buy property without conveyancing. Put simply, it is a legal process that involves property ownership title transfer from one individual to another. But how does it work exactly?

The Basics of Conveyancing

In general, conveyancing is the term used for all administrative and legal work related to the transfer of ownership of properties, in this case, the home you’re planning on purchasing. Either a licenced conveyancer or solicitor could do the job. As the name implies, a conveyancer is someone who does conveyancing work and nothing else.

ON the other hand, solicitors are legally qualified to perform conveyancing, not all have experience with it so it’s crucial to hire one specialising in real estate transactions. Even a Brisbane commercial lawyer can do it, provided that they offer conveyancing services.

Among the first and most critical tasks in any conveyancing process is liaising with various organisations including utility companies or local councils to make certain that there are no major construction plans nearby, like a massive prison next to the property. This searching phase could likewise reveal if sewers are near the property, if the vicinity is prone to floods and related natural disasters, and whether the property is free of financial liabilities.

Once the searches have concluded, the next steps would be calculating all incurred costs and checking all the contracts from the property seller’s conveyancer or solicitor, which contains important details like property boundaries and purchase price among others. After that, the solicitor or conveyancer will coordinate with the mortgage lender to make certain that all financial information is accurate before proceeding with the transaction. The last step includes paying all associated fees and registering you as the property’s new owner.

DIY Conveyancing and Other Important Considerations

It’s possible to DIY the conveyancing process, provided that you can thoroughly educate yourself on the entire process and don’t make any mistakes while doing it because small issues could end up disastrous, for example, not being aware of a boundary dispute. In addition, majority of mortgage lenders could actually insist that you use a conveyancer or solicitor to safeguard their interests.

With these points in mind, property buyers should really consider professional conveyancing, most especially if they’re purchasing their first property, or if the property is worth a sizeable sum.